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Tabitha Naylor Clearwater tries to listen to a lot of different podcasts just to expose her to a variety of topics, concepts and subjects in her industry, but right now her absolute favorite podcast is Beyond the To-Do-List.

Erik Fisher hosts the podcast, and he’s the perfect host because he’s a productivity author, a speaker and a marketing coach, so he knows his way around the industry. And he always gets fascinating entrepreneurs who talk about everything from how they became successful, to the challenges of balancing work and personal lives.

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She says, “I love the podcast’s title  – it’s catchy – and that’s pretty much how I found the podcast, because I am such a slave of to-do lists.  I keep tuning in because I find Fisher’s content to be so interesting. He covers a wide range of topics, with a heavy focus on strategy, with inspiration sprinkled in for good measure.”

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