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Tabitha Jean Naylor thinks that it’s really important for financial services companies to market with one question in mind: How do we help our customers better understand what we offer? Because more so than many other businesses, the financial services industry has a lot of technical jargon and concepts that many consumers simply don’t understand. So how should companies use that to drive their marketing? They should create clear, actionable content such as videos and articles that explain the most basic financial concepts that affect every consumer’s life.

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According to Tabitha, there is no better way to market financial services than by answering questions and explaining how different products and services can improve consumers’ lives and the lives of their families. Finance is one of the most important aspects of how we live, but only those financial companies that can market to the biggest need consumers have –– lack of understanding – can truly convert prospects into leads.

She states that it always goes back to providing content that consumers find useful, and for the financial industry, getting consumers to understand why they need the different products and services to improve and enhance their lives and well being is critical.

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