Best Tips for Small Business Management by Tabitha Jean Naylor Clearwater

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According to Tabitha Taylor, the biggest key to success for small business management is organization. During one of her seminars, she delved the secrets of her organized business. In her words,“One of the reasons I’ve been able to have a thriving marketing agency is because I make sure that my business is organized, and that means having the right communication tools, accounting tools, hiring practices and client relationships.”

Further, she stated, “I’m the CEO of my own company so I set the agenda of how I want my company to function. For me, organization isn’t just about having everything in the right place; it’s about managing my team of contractors, making sure they understand my expectations and making sure that my clients understand the expectations I have and how I intend to meet their needs. All of these things fall under the auspice of organization, so I’m stickler for it.”


Business PlanWhen it comes to organizing things, Tabitha Jean Naylor uses Basecamp to organize all her client projects, including delivery dates, revision dates and project details as much as a month in advance. She also frequently communicates with her contractors on Basecamp to ensure that all of them are all on the same page regarding content. Then she makes sure that onboarding process with clients is clear and detailed to prevent misunderstandings in the future.

For her accounting needs, she uses Fresh books to keep track of invoices, accounts receivables and account payable.In her words,“I’m exacting when it comes to knowing what is coming in, when and what is going out. Then, with communication, I use Skype, Gchat and email constantly, so that I’m never out of reach if a client or contractor needs to reach me.”

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